Time for a New Paradigm

Humanity has entered a turbulent initiation — have you noticed?

As a species, we are growing up, evolving from dependent children of Mother Earth to capable adults in symbiotic relationship with Lover Earth.

If we are to meet the challenges and maximize the opportunities of this new paradigm, we need new perspectives and practices.

Multi Dimensional Essentials offers a holistic, nature-based worldview informed by the best of ancient wisdom and verified by Nobel Prize-winning science.

Join now to discover the universal principles and practical applications that can accelerate your personal evolution and smooth the path for this planetary transition.

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How Does Consciousness Become Material Form?

Discover the specific process by with the subtle mindstuff of spirit densifies and proliferates into the physical world we experience.

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How do Space, Time and Light Combine to Create Life?

There are a simple set of elements that combine to create the infinite complexity of life on Earth — familiarize yourself with these vital ingredients.

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What is Gravity? Why does Astrology work?

Master the physical mechanisms through which mysterious, metaphysical energies express themselves into 3D reality.

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Your Guide

David McConaghay aka Veda Dave is an Āyurvedic Doctor and Master of Metaphysics trained in Internal Family Systems, Non-Violent Communication and the Nature-Based Map of the Human Psyche.

He offers wise guidance and kind counsel led by the transformative power of myth, metaphor and storytelling.

A lifetime of experience navigating his own mental health adventures gives David the capacity to support others with skillful compassion and unconditional positive regard.

He offers consults, courses and customized ceremonial design online and out of his office in Denver, Colorado.

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