What is Āyurveda

Āyurveda is a nature-based system of holistic medicine that originated in ancient India and has been practiced since the dawn of recorded history.

At the core of Āyurveda is the recognition that you are inextricably interwoven within the web of all creation, composed of the exact same elements as the natural world, including plants, planets, rocks, rivers and the mysterious collective psyche.

Through observation and inquiry, we can discern the unique ratio of elements that composes your most harmonious Self, and from there deduce the source of any dissonance causing distortions (like constipation or insomnia) in your bodymind.

Āyurvedic remedies are rooted in circadian rhythms. By aligning simple, impactful habits with the ebb and flow of natural time, each day, season and life cycle becomes an opportunity to grow more robust rather than deteriorate.

On a practical level, Āyurvedic medicine in the West most often takes the form of herbal concoctions (fancy plants in powder and pill form), decoctions (tea, ghee, etc) and herbalized oils (for external use). The way I do it, it also includes creative, individualized invitations to connect with neglected aspects of your Self and activate the natural magic waiting latent with you.

True Wellness is Bio-Psycho-Social

Biological: For every cell in your body to function properly, with dynamic resilience and efficient communication between organ systems as evidenced by your consistent energy, healthy appetite, deep sleep and vibrant lust for life.

: To be at ease with your Self, enjoying gentle internal talk with access to the full spectrum of emotional experience without shutdown or dissociation. To navigate life's inevitable highs and lows with curiosity, courage and compassion.

To be capable of maintaining meaningful, nourishing, reciprocal relationships with family, friends, lovers and the more-than-human world. To know your authentically appropriate role within your local and global ecosystem in order to harmoniously give what you can and get what you need.

How It Works:

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  7. You receive individualized recommendations and invitations plus access to educational resources and discounts on certain herbs, etc.

  8. We schedule a 30-minute follow up session about two weeks later.

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