Modern Wise Men is a club

for men of every orientation with

rolling admission for annual membership.

There are two opportunities to gather each week,

a vast library of educational resources,

collective support & accountability, and

(at least) two annual quests into the wilderness.

Our focus is authentic identity development,

emotional intelligence, leadership and relational skills,

and purpose-driven evolution.

initiation knighthood

According to the poet-philosopher Robert Bly:

Only men can initiate other men.

The modern world is suffering from a lack of initiated adult men. Too many boys-grown-old are leading our species down a foolish path.

It need not be this way. Are you ready to step up?

authenticity mountain

Do you know who you are?

Beyond the trappings of late-stage industrial capitalism — your job, your social status, your hobbies and possessions — who are you truly?

What is your unique purpose for being born here on Earth at this transformative time? Are you actively enacting this soul-given mission?


What are your greatest goals? Who do you need to become in order to bring them to fruition?

What's the difference between blind ambition and appropriate aspiration? How do you know if you're evolving in the direction of your ideal future self?

How will you know when you get there?


Let's Connect.

A Modern Wise Man is, quite simply, one who seeks wisdom. 

The primary indicator of wisdom is the sincere pursuit of experiences, information and other people who can help you learn and grow into your true potential.

Modern Wise Men include:

— Young Men

— Men at a Crossroad

— Elder Men


For recent graduates and young adults, generally between the ages of 20-30, unsure of your next steps and looking for guidance and support in laying out a life path that aligns with your passions and values.

  •  Self-Discovery: discover your true passions, talents, and what you really want from life. Further your education in practical skills that will enhance your capacity to succeed at whatever you choose to pursue.

  •  Independence: Make your own decisions, manage your own finances, feel clear and confident that you are creating a life based on your most authentic identity. Take wise chances, make the most of your missteps and cultivate the courage to pursue your unique path through the world.

  •  Values-Driven Work: Identify your true values and the deepest truths that serve as your North star as you choose a career path that will be of benefit to the world and your bank account.

  •  Adventure: Live while you're young! Learn to go wild like a wise man does. Enhance your connection with the natural world and experience the contentment of knowing you belong within the web of all beings as a human animal on Earth.

  •  Networking: Connect with other men of all ages and persuasions. Learn about their life paths, defining choices and get perspective on your own circumstances. Benefit from the hard-earned experience of others to accelerate your path towards authentic self-expression and self-defined success.
tarot the fool
tarot the fool


For those, generally between the ages of 30-60, aiming to redefine themselves during a significant life transition — be it divorce, a career change or an unforeseen, ground-shaking shift in identity.

  •  Personal growth and Self-discovery: Do you aspire to grow personally and emotionally, to discover new aspects of yourself that might have been suppressed or ignored due to societal expectations or the demands of previous life roles? If you're feeling stuck in default ways of being, this is your chance to break through those limitations and embrace a more dynamic form of self-expression

  •  Community and Connection: A deep sense of isolation is often associated with major life transitions, but you are not alone. You can connect, relate to, and learn from individuals navigating similar experiences when you become part of this growth-oriented community.

  •  Empowerment: Do you dream of regaining control of your life during this uncertain phase? You can feel empowered to make decisions that align with your newfound identity and deep desires for the future.

  •  Exploration: Do you hope to explore new interests, hobbies, and passions into which you've never had the time or space to delve into previously? Join the Wise Men as we venture into the wild unknown.

  •  Balance and Peace: Develop an unshakeable sense of inner peace and contentment as you navigate this transformative time. Find harmony between the different aspects of your life and move through the world with clarity, creativity and confidence.


For those, generally age 50 and older, looking to find meaning and make the most of this next phase of life. For those in search of purpose and identity beyond the mundane list of career accomplishments, worldly status and even family roles.

  •  Purposeful Living: This phase of life is far more than just coasting into the finish line. Discover a deep sense of personal meaning, develop an intimate relationship with your spiritual Self, continue maturing into a true elder and leave a significant legacy.
  •  Explore New Interests: If you've spent your whole life working, there are likely a variety of passions and curiosities that you want to explore. This is an opportunity to tap into those desires and cultivate the courage to pursue your wildest dreams.
  •  Healthy Lifestyle: Age takes its inevitable toll on the body, but you can still live with vigor and enjoy all the energy you want and need. Embrace simple, impactful daily habits that will enhance your overall sense of health and well-being.
  •  Nature Connection: Discover your true place within the web of all beings. Connect with the natural world and experience the profound sense of belonging which is your birthright.
  •  Community & Mentorship: Immerse yourself in a community of men eager to learn from your experience. Feel the satisfaction of sharing your well-earned wisdom and receive fresh inspiration from the wise men who are with you on this journey.
tarot the fool

Do you recognize yourself?

A resilient ecosystem is defined by diversity.
We welcome men of all ages, orientations and backgrounds.
We abide by the principles of curiosity, compassion and courage, with an attitude of unconditional positive regard for all beings.
We cultivate a safe-enough environment where we respect personhood as primary to behavior, with a collective agreement to provide both accountability and support as we evolve in the direction of our best selves.

Are you ready to accelerate your evolution?


Modern Wise Men is for those seeking to develop their authentic, mythopoetic identity, relational skills, emotional intelligence and capacity for Self-leadership as prerequisite preparation for other leadership roles.

The foundation for this work is established through the development of healthy daily habits including diet, exercise, sleep, libido and wealth in its many forms.

These are a few of the resources and reference points we share:

The Journey of Soul Initiation (Plotkin)

The Nature-Based Map of the Human Psyche (Plotkin)

Internal Family Systems (Schwartz)

Non-Violent Communication (Rosenberg)

Masculine & Feminine Archetypes (Moore, Bly, Estes)

Space, Time & Light (McConaghay)
Dreamcraft (McConaghay)
Somatic Imagination Practice (McConaghay)

Previous Participants

austin nobles nutrition coach
Austin N.

Holistic Nutrition Coach

I've worked with Dave for over 4 years now and I can truly say my awareness and appreciation for life has grown dramatically being around this amazing human being. David's approach is well thought out and always has great resources for whatever topic you're looking to dive into.

If you have always had a curiosity towards Astrology like I did, then Dave is a great bridge into the unknown. I've also participated in fasts/vision quests with Dave and he's an amazing guide and fellow quester. I've referred many people to him and will continue to in the future. I love looking back on my notes and video sessions with Dave and still find so many great pieces of wisdom he's imparted.

I'm forever grateful to know this amazing individual and glad he came into my life when he did.

michael pottern zen den denver
Michael Pottern

Founder, Denver Zen Den

As an entrepreneur, I often need help getting clarity. David has helped me with this, both externally and internally.

His guidance has helped me build better time management skills/awareness which has resulted in a much more balanced and productive approach to my daily tasks.

And through his astrological guidance, he's also helped reveal some patterns and things that have helped me not only form better business relations, but also personal.

David is truly a wizard.

garrett hooper therapy
Garrett Hooper

Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist

I have had the absolute pleasure of being one of Dave's client's over the last 3 years and I can safely say that this has been life changing for me.

I have new skills that I use everyday in order to connect to my own energy field, regulate my emotions, and structure my time management. The mix of astrology, Āyurveda, and holistic counseling is a blend that I have not experienced from other professionals.

I can not recommend Dave enough for any of his offerings. He is so committed to the service of helping people feel healthy, whole, and connected that you just feel blessed to be in his care. 10/10

How It Works

On a practical level, Modern Wise Men consists of three primary components:

  • Twice weekly gatherings on Zoom
  • A vast library of educational resources
  • Wiilderness Quests twice or thrice per year

The weekly gatherings are scheduled for 90-minutes Tuesday evening and Friday morning/midday. Tuesday evening is a guided session with dynamic activities focused on a particular topic. Friday morning is an open Q&A session where we can celebrate wins, troubleshoot struggles and address whatever is most relevant to the group. The beauty of an annual membership is that it is no big deal if you miss a session or two here and there — the Wise Men are ready when you are.

The educational resources consist of an ever-growing collection of prerecorded video classes, recommended reading, viewing and listening and practical invitations for enactment of the material.

The Wilderness Quests represent an opportunity to gather together in nature for initiatory rites, edgy experiences and immersive exploration of our most natural Self.

Enrollment is open and ongoing. Membership is established on an annual basis, with payment plans available. Keep scrolling to learn more about the requested investment. A limited number of need-based scholarships are available


Let's Connect.

Primary Guide

David McConaghay

Of Scottish heritage, David was born in North Carolina in 1986. He is a seeker, teacher and holistic health professional.

So far, David has invested this lifetime seeking better ways of being human, living many years in yoga ashrams, permaculture communities and consciously wandering across six continents to learn about people and be in wild places.

He is a natural teacher, with contagious enthusiasm for the mysteries of creation, consciousness and culture.

David has trained with master teachers in the realms of Āyurveda, Vedic Astrology, Internal Family Systems, metaphysics and nature-based spirituality. He carries the vision of a synergetic cosmos and applies this whole-systems paradigm to every aspect of existence, connecting meditation to mental health, diet to Dreamcraft, and personal daily habits to global geopolitics.

Ultimately, profound loss and aloneness have been his greatest teachers of love, compassion and connection as just one among many nodes inseparably interwoven within the web of all beings.

veda dave mountain stream

Council of Facilitators

veda dave mountain stream

Eddie Rossi

Eddie Rossi is on a lifelong journey of self-discovery and evolution. A series of life events gifted him with a profound grief that catalyzed an awakening and broke the hold of longstanding, self-defeating patterns of emotional escapism. He adopted practices in meditation, yoga, journaling, breathwork, hot & cold therapies and many others that continue to develop his capacity to embrace the full spectrum of his human experience with equanimity, curiosity and, sometimes, grace.

Eddie has been an avid backpacker for nearly three decades; he has done weeklong trips to the bottom of Grand Canyon at least once annually since 1995. More recently he has begun to merge his passion for the outdoors with his calling toward psycho-spiritual personal development. He has been exploring the nature-based map of the human psyche, a potent tool for cultivating the innate wholeness that exists within each of us but that often eludes our integration and embodiment.

Eddie took an early retirement in March 2023 after a 30-year career in information technology; he specialized in publishing systems for news organizations. He is now pursuing his calling to help others embody self-love as a prerequisite for achieving their fullest potential. He lives in Phoenix with the world’s best dog, Bam. On most days you can find him in a yoga class, hiking local trails, cold plunging, tending to his historic home, journeying in other dimensions, or playing bass guitar in a Tool tribute band.

Sean Hall

Sean has spent most of his life pursuing a higher state of consciousness that is accessed through athletics, communion with the natural world, and music. 

As an extreme athlete seeking the edges of what his body is capable of, trauma and near death experience have deeply informed his awareness of what truly matters and how to live a life of purpose.

Born and raised in a Colorado beekeeping family, his relationship to pollinators and wild spaces shape his view of the supreme ecosystem which we are all a part of. Nature is his place of worship. Endorphins, neurotransmitters and psychoactive compounds are his sacraments. Laughter and awe are his hymns.

May we find our way in the world through embodied action and reverence for creation.

sean hall denver flowers
matt kinneberg denver

Matt Kinneberg

Matt Kinneberg is a dedicated personal trainer and health coach who specializes in functional blood chemistry to optimize physical and mental well-being.

As a former Marine, Matt understands men's unique health challenges in high-stress environments. His transformative journey began after his military service when he turned to the ancestral teachings and ceremonies of his Navajo heritage to find healing not provided by conventional means.

Today, Matt incorporates these powerful traditions into his health coaching, emphasizing holistic approaches to wellness. He also works as a hunting guide with Sacred Hunting, blending Native American teachings with sustainable hunting practices.

Matt's multifaceted approach to health and fitness helps men reclaim their strength and vitality through a connection to nature and heritage. His mission is to empower men to lead healthier lives by integrating physical training with spiritual and emotional healing. Matt is committed to guiding others on their own recovery and resilience paths, using modern techniques and ancient wisdom.

Matt is passionate about martial arts, studying history and anthropology, and meditation. He has adopted hunting as a spiritual practice, pushing him to stay connected to his indigenous teachings so he may one day pass on his knowledge to younger generations. He strives to remain on the warrior path in order to serve his family, community, and tribe. 

Featured Guests

George F. Robinson

As Founder and President of The Robinson Group, a Minneapolis-based consulting and training company, George F. Robinson utilizes his twenty-seven years of corporate experience in helping companies align their culture strategy with business goals to heighten productivity and bottom line performance.

As a seasoned executive consultant, he has implemented breakthrough training, sales and marketing strategies for clients such as; Ford Motor Company, Philip Morris, Cendant, Bayer and Riddell.

Mr. Robinson is an Executive Consultant with Insight Education, a Leadership, Diversity, and Organizational Development consulting company. They developed the MicroInequities: The Power of Small seminar with MIT’s Dr. Mary Rowe. Robinson has worked with companies such as such Boeing, Cisco, Monsanto, Merck, and Coke in the US, Asia, Europe and South America.   

Mr. Robinson serves on the Board of Turning Point and Missouri Valley College and former Board of Trustees for the Breck School in Minneapolis. He is a former Board Member of the Rio Grande School in Santa Fe, New Mexico. He has also been on the Board of Advisors for Urban Venture Leadership Foundation and the Board of the Fairway Foundation. Mr. Robinson holds a Doctor of Humane Letters from Missouri Valley College. His love and passion for teaching others has guided his distinguished career. 

george robinson
mikaal bates

Mikaal Bates


1) To ignite, accelerate, and celebrate the conscious evolution of Men and Masculinity across this planet in our lifetime.

2) To help heal the Divide between Men + Women by sharing and teaching on the lost arts of ‘Sacred Union’.

I offer professional coaching services and produce transformative events as a Men’s Work and “Sacred Union” Facilitator, Podcast Host, Psychedelic Integration Guide, key-note speaker and Leadership Consultant to individuals & organizations the world over, helping guide humans of all persuasions into the deepest embodiment of their highest potential.

My work can best be described as a transmission of embodied Masculine Leadership, Dialogic Coaching methodologies, Ritual Theater, Rites of Passage, and various traditions of Initiation & Spiritual Union.

I enjoy lifting heavy objects, swimming with sharks, playing with kids & animals, Theater & Shakespeare, 5Rhythms Dance, Yoga & Meditation, piano & poetry, + curating ritual & ecstatic experiences for epic humans in service of the Realm.Looking forward to collaborating on your path to transformation.

Rain Murray

Creative, compassionate and courageous by nature, Rain Murray is passionate about the multi-faceted and holistic services he offers. Rain understands that integrating multiple perspectives is a key strategy to manage one's health and promote an overall sense of wellbeing.

Rain Murray is an alternative healer, multi-faceted facilitator and integration coach. He first qualified as a massage practitioner in 2004, focussing on foundational body work techniques. Over the course of the next two decades practice, integrating various healing modalities and approaches to a holistic sense of wellbeing, Rain has formulated a signature style of intuitive body-mind-soul work.

Rain has aditionally trained in Behavioural Therapy, working closely with children on the autism spectrum at the ASAP Centre of Children on the Spectrum in Somerset West, Western Cape. Furthermore, through the COVID pandemic, he developed additional skills, successfully qualifying as a grief recovery specialist in 2021 with The Grief Recovery Method, which has its foundations rooted within action-based timeline coaching. Within the same year, Rain also achieved qualification as a certified meditation teacher through TMO, The Meditation Organisation.

Towards the end of 2022, Rain felt called to further his personal development and deepen his practice and so embarked on a journey to train and qualify as an International Multiple Brain Integration Coach, an accreditation obtained through the Neuro-Coach Institute of South Africa.

rain murray

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